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This ICMR (Govt. agency) approved blood test helps detect presence of antibodies against COVID-19 infection. This test should NOT be used for the diagnosis or detection for COVID-19 and should only be used to detect presence of antibodies against the COVID-19 infection.

If you test positive, it means you have been exposed to virus sometime back with or without your knowledge and now your body has developed antibodies to fight the infection. If you test negative, it means that you have not come in exposure to virus so far. This is just like a routine blood test (no swab collection). Doctor prescription is NOT required for this test. Also, fasting is NOT required.

Any healthy individual can take this test who doesn’t have Covid symptoms or hasn’t come in contact with Covid affected patient in last 14 days. If you have Covid-19 related symptoms then we recommend you to NOT take this test and you must consult your Doctor instead.


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